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The CryoStem Cell Therapy serums encompass every element of skin; collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, DNA, RNA(i), fibroblasts, lipids, vitamins,
anti-oxidants and embryonic bovine stem cells. By providing the building
blocks of skin, CryoStem serums maximize the bodies natural process of skin cell renewal.

After approximately 6 DNA treatments, the stem cells will have communicated biologically flawless DNA information to the cells. This reprogramming process impacts six generations of skin and influences the 90% of the skin below the surface layer.

DNA Treatments are available at $150.00 each

CryoStem Cell Therapy

The Cryostem Cell Therapy H – ┬áTreats Mature, dry, dehydrated, environmentally stressed, prematurely aged, photo-damaged (sunburned) skin, stretch marks and scars. Effects are immediately visible leaving the skin hydrated, supple, and with a more youthful, and radiant glow.

The Cryostem Cell Therapy F – Treats skin that has lost its laxity due to photo damage and premature aging. It is effective for balancing oily and
combination skin types, acne prone skin conditions and skin composed of enlarged pores, uneven texture and scars. Toning, firming and lifting
effects are felt and visibly seen within seconds of application.